What to Do After You Submit an Online Job Application

Submitting your resume online can feel like it’s vanishing into the void, but there’s plenty you can do to maintain control and increase your chances of getting an interview. Don’t just wait and hope for the best; take proactive steps to keep your application visible and relevant. Here are some actionable tips to help you stand out after hitting that “submit” button, ensuring you stay top-of-mind for hiring managers and recruiters:

Stay Positive and Professional

  1. Think Positive: Following up shows enthusiasm and commitment, not desperation. Companies appreciate candidates who are genuinely interested in the role.
  2. Keep Perspective: Understand that delays in response are often due to high volumes of applications, not a reflection on you. Patience is key.
  3. Continue Applying: Keep searching and applying for other opportunities. This keeps your spirits up and increases your chances of success.
  4. Be Flexible: Maintaining contact can lead to future opportunities or valuable networking connections even if you don’t get this job.

Effective Follow-Up Strategies

  1. Follow Up Promptly: If there’s no specific closing date, wait about 5-10 days before following up. A timely follow-up shows your keen interest in the role.
  2. Choose the Right Method: Whether you prefer email or phone, choose the method that best allows you to highlight your strengths and professionalism.
  3. Be Prepared: Plan your follow-up communication to ensure you come across as professional and organized. Keep it brief and to the point, highlighting your enthusiasm and fit for the role.
  4. Clarify the Process: If you receive a response, ask about the next steps in the hiring process. Understanding the timeline can help manage your expectations and plan your next steps.
  5. Send a Follow-Up Letter: Sometimes, sending a hard copy follow-up can help you stand out, especially in a digital world. It’s ole’ school, just ensure it aligns with the company culture before moving forward.
  6. Find a Contact: Address your follow-up to a specific person if possible. Personalized communication often receives more attention and shows you’ve done your homework.
  7. Engage with the Company: Comment on relevant industry news or their social media posts. Demonstrating your engagement and knowledge about the company can set you apart.
  8. Manage Multiple Offers: If you receive another job offer while waiting, inform the company to potentially expedite their decision-making process. This transparency can work in your favor.
  9. Track Your Applications: Maintain a log of where and when you applied, and note any follow-ups. This keeps your job search organized and helps you prioritize your efforts.

Keep Moving Forward

You don’t have to be loyal. Job searching can be stressful, but these steps can help reduce uncertainty and boost your confidence. Effective follow-up not only maximizes your opportunities but also reinforces your value as a proactive and committed candidate. Implement these strategies today to improve your job search success and move closer to your career goals.

It’s simple! Don’t let your application fall into the abyss. Take control of your job search by following these steps to ensure your efforts stand out. Start applying these tips now and see how they can transform your job hunt into a series of meaningful engagements and opportunities!

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