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We Give Back

Read this testimonial from Jasmine Henderson. ~ January 2021

We Give Back

“The consequences of Covid has hit us all in one way or another. Some of my friends were hit with job loss and found Devon Morris's classes beneficial in getting back out into the workplace better than leaving it. Finding myself in a similar situation, I dropped everything and signed up for my class. As a teacher for 9 years before entering the world of government contracting, I have always held myself to a high standard of making whatever information I am presenting fun, with high energy and jokes, to make everyone comfortable. When I say I have never been to a class, I was sad that it ended. It was an 8-hour class. I clearly had adult responsibilities to handle, but this class was by FAR one of the best experiences I have ever had. I walked away, feeling as if I'd been doing this for a while. Devon has high energy, fun, hilarious, and very knowledgeable! Kudos to Bearded Eagle. Many people know how to do something, but they can't teach it in a way that is digestible for many. Any other certifications that I can take through Bearded Eagle, I'm going to do it!”

Hi, I'm Devon.
I go by many titles, so call me a friend or "play cousin." I am known for breaking down things and communicating ideas for greater understanding with a pinch of passion. Join me for a virtual class and hang out with the #UnfilteredTribe to experience how we are making Scrum simple, easy, and fun.