Meet Me

Devon A. Morris is a coach, speaker, and educator that helps individuals and businesses succeed. He is known for his ability to break down information and communicate ideas in a way that fosters greater understanding. He embodies a no-nonsense approach that connects deeply with people from all walks of life, motivating them to take value-add actions.

Practitioner As an innovative change agent, Devon offers an arsenal of tools to improve productivity and efficiency. His strategic vision and ability to guide leaders to executable solutions have generated over 1 billion dollars of value with organizations such as the US Military, Coca-Cola, McKesson, USAA, AmerisourceBergen, and countless other companies wishing to harness value-driven change thru transformation.

Devon charted his industry path as a knowledgeable and respected Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB), and Certified Diversity Practitioner (CDP). These are a few of the certifications that he maintains and holds in high esteem.

Being born to young parents, Devon was raised by his maternal grandmother with the strong influence of his paternal family. Regardless of the poverty and trappings of life, his unwavering tenacity and drive have taken him to places far beyond the South Side of Chicago. All are built on a foundation of love because every turn offers a welcomes challenge for us to summit to achieve the desired result.

Today, he draws on his extensive psychology background to navigate complex social dynamics, strengthen teams, and develop leaders. Harnessing people’s power to innovate, capitalize and execute in ways that make workplaces better while embracing transparency, inclusion, and diversity daily so that all team members and populations served to feel heard, connected, and valued—the essence of driving return on investment for all parties.

Devon is a living testament to success-driven through clear and purposeful strategies for embracing change in everyday actions and behaviors. He partners with the organizations to live and breathe values and principles that drive business results with happier stakeholders.

There’s something about increasing market value, building capabilities, and risk reduction that gets Devon excited. Every moment is an opportunity to harness the potential to achieve success through effective leaders, engaged team members, and enthused stakeholders.

“The biggest thing that I want to do is create the next best version of me.”

“Are you or your organization ready to take the next step?” 

“If not, I understand and will see you on life’s journey.”

“If so, let’s get started NOW.” 

~ Devon Morris